Welcome to Holland Township
Hunterdon County, NJ
Planning Board


  • Dan Bush - Class I
  • Melissa Tigar - Class II
  • Thomas Scheibener- Class III
  • Dan Rader - Class IV
  • Carl Molter - Class IV
  • David Grossmueller - Class IV
  • Michael Keady- Class IV
  • Duane Young -Class IV 
  • Michael Miller - Class IV


Alternates: Ken Grisewood              Alternate #1
                  Casey Muench               Alternate #2

Chairman: Dan Rader

Vice Chairman: Michael Keady

Secretary: Maria Elena Jennette Kozak (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 9am-12pm)
                   Phone: 908-995-0057  Fax: 908-995-0883 

Donald Morrow
                P.O. Box 492
                Clinton, NJ 08809               

Engineer:   Maser Consulting                                                                     
                  53 Frontage Road, Suite 120                                                    
                  PO Box 4017                                                                          
                  Clinton, NJ 08809                                                                 

Class I - Mayor for one year term
Class II -Township Official other than governing body, appointed by the Mayor for a one year term
Class III -Member of governing body, appointed by governing body for a one year term.
Class IV -Six citizens appointed by the Mayor for a four year term

Two citizens appointed by the Mayor for a two year term.

* According to the Holland Township Land Use ordinance 100-156.1 Section 5 - Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, the term of any member common to the Historic Preservation Commission and the Planning Board shall be for the term of membership on the Planning Board; and the term of any member common to the Historic Preservation Commission and the Board of Adjustment shall be for the term of membership on the Board of Adjustment.


2014 Meetings

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Holland Township Planning Board, County of Hunterdon, New Jersey, will hold their regular meeetings on the following dates in 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Holland Township Municipal Building, 61 Church Road, Milford, NJ. Meetings are open to the public. 

 Date  Agenda  Minutes  Agenda Deadline
 January 13, 2014
Agenda Minutes December 23, 2013
 February 10, 2014
Agenda Minutes January 20, 2014
 February 26, 2014 Special Meeting
 March 10, 2014
February 17, 2014
 April 14, 2014
Agenda Minutes March 24, 2014
 May 12, 2014
Minutes April 21, 2014
 June 9, 2014
Agenda Minutes May 19, 2014
 July 14, 2014
Agenda Minutes June 23, 2014
 August 11, 2014
Agenda Minutes July 21, 2014
 September 8, 2014
Agenda Minutes August 18, 2014
 October 13, 2014
Agenda Minutes September 22, 2014
 November 10, 2014
Agenda October 20, 2014
 December 8, 2014
Canceled November 17, 2014
 January 12, 2015
December 22, 2014

 By ordinance meetings of the Holland Township Planning Board are held the second Monday of the month, with the agenda deadline three weeks prior to the meeting.

Please note that all agendas are TENTATIVE and are subject to change.


 Planning Board Application Instructions

 Planning Board Discussion Application

 Planning Board Checklist Section A: Minor Subdivision

 Planning Board Checklist Section B: Preliminary Major Subdivision
Planning Board Checklist Section C: Final Major Subdivision

 Planning Board Checklist Section D: Preliminary Major Site Plan

 Planning Board Checklist Section E: Final Major Site Plan

 Planning Board Checklist Section F: Minor Site Plan

 Planning Board Checklist Section G: Environmental Impact Assessment

 Board of Adjustment Checklist Section H: Determining Completion of Application   





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