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Lawrence Creveling; Zoning Officer
Tuesday 10am-2pm & Thursday 3pm-7pm
Phone: 908-995-9086  Fax: 908-995-0883

The Municipal Land Use Law, N.J.S.A.40:55D, is the State Statute that regulates land use in the State of New Jersey. The Zoning Officer is responsible for the enforcement of this statute, as well as the enforcement of local zoning ordinances adopted by the Township Committee.

When considering changes to your property in Holland Township, you will most likely require both zoning and construction permits. Below is a general outline regarding when a permit from the zoning officer is required and how to obtain one.


  • Change of use - Residential, i.e. converting a garage to an office/ living space, an attic to a bedroom, or finishing off a basement
  • Change of use - Commercial, i.e. converting a building or unit from storage to retail or professional office
  • New residence
  • Any increase in height or square footage
  • Garages & barns
  • Sheds of any size
  • Decks and gazebos
  • Additions
  • Pools (including seasonal blow up pools exceeding 4') and hot tubs
  • Permanent Standby Generators
  • Erection of all signs
  • Driveways (If seal coating no permit is required)
  • Certificate of Continued Occupancy

This is not an inclusive list. If the work you plan on doing is not listed above,
it is your responsibility to contact the Zoning Officer to be ascertain if a permit is required. Please call to schedule an appointment to receive a zoning permit. 

Holland Township does not have Zoning Applications. Zoning permits are issued through appointment only with the Zoning Officer. The following items are required to obtain a zoning permit for accessory uses:

  • If you have a Septic or Well a Hunterdon County Health Dept. Construction Permit Referral Form  completed and Statement of Confirmation approved by the County Board of Health. Click Here to Download    (As of April 1, 2011 this form is longer needed unless you are adding a bedroom or doing an addition to your exisiting single family dwelling)
  • A survey of your property showing location of septic and well, set back lines and requested improvement. 
  • Three sets of Plans, drawings, sketches for your proposed accessory use. (Architectural/Engineer drawings must be sealed) 
  • Certification of taxes paid from Tax Collector.
  • Check made payable to Holland Township for $75.00 (except above ground pools and sheds under 150 sq. ft. $25.00) or exact cash for fee.
  • Copy of any variance approval or denial from Holland Township Planning Board/Board of Adjustment.
  • If you are located in the Highlands Preservation Area an exemption letter from Highlands Council for approval on Additions, Pools, Decks, Sheds and New Residence. Exemption Letter Application.
  • Contractors and Homeowners - A Temporary Sign Permit must be filled out and returned to the Zoning Officer if you will be advertising work being done to a home by way of a temporary sign. Temporary Sign Permit   


The Following items are required to obtain a construction permit:

  • A Zoning permit

  • Hunterdon County Board of Health Construction Referral Form

  • Survey and sealed plans

  • Building jacket and permits completed

Please note that construction permits are picked up and paid for at:

N.J. Bureau of Code Enforcement
171 Route 173, Suite 107
Asbury, NJ 08802

Phone: (908) 713-0722
Fax: (908) 713-0995


The Code Violation Complaint form may be submitted directly to the Zoning Officer during her office hours, to the Municipal Clerk's Office, or you may mail/email the form to the Zoning Officer.

Holland Township Code Violation Form



Holland Township requires that you obtain a Continued Certificate of Occupany (CCO) prior to selling, renting or buying a home. The fee is $75.00 checks made payable to the Township of Holland. Please contact the Zoning Officer TWO weeks prior to closing to arrange for an inspection.

The following items will be required to be in the appropriate location and working at time of inspection, if a second inspection is required a second fee of $75.00 shall be paid to the Township of Holland.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Fire Extinguishers

 No Attempt will be made by this inspection to examine the Septic, Sewage Disposal, Well, Plumbing, Electric, or other systems of the property or the construction of any structure on it.


Zoning Map
Tax Maps
Highlands Preservation Area

Underground Damage Prevention Guidlines
know what's below CALL before you dig.
811 or 1-800-272-1000

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